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Alexandr Borecky was born in Czech Republic and raised in Prague where he is working on several projects as a director, actor and producer alongside his writing. His debut work is a short film Origin (2021) awarded by 7 festivals for Best Short Film, Best First-Time Director and Actor, which he wrote, produced, directed and starred in.

While studying at Charles University Alexandr took classes of theatrical improvisation. That's where he was offered to study at Prague Conservatory of Acting which he eventually refused and continued at Charles University.

He left the university three years later, started a proper theatrical training and decided to pursue a career in film. During his training Alex was able to take part in a few theatrical productions in Prague. In 2017 he moved to Los Angeles to get a proper on-camera acting training which he received in form of individual classes. After moving back to Europe, Alexandr started writing and focusing on directing.

Alexandr and his team are currently preparing production of his new short film Untold Pieces (2022).


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